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A world of tracking awaits... We'll even fit your tracker

At Bulldog Tracking we don't believe in just selling you a tracker but in providing support through the installation and ongoing use of your tracker.

From our head office in the beautiful Shropshire countryside we offer a full installation service as well as showing you how to use the tracker, setting it up and demonstrating the online tracking service to you.

Our on-site fully qualified auto-electrician will fit your tracker in your caravan or motorhome FREE OF CHARGE whilst our Tracker Team run you through the features, help download the tracking app for your smartphone or tablet, help you log into your tracking account for the first time and ensure that your tracker is fully operational before you leave.

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Enjoy the Shropshire Hills
Bulldog Tracking Solutions

Shropshire is without doubt one of the most beautiful counties in the UK where you will find medieval towns such as Shrewsbury, the birthplace of Charles Darwin, Ironbridge which is globally recognised as the birthplace of the industrial revolution and of course, Much Wenlock the real inspiration for the modern Olympics.

For over 30 years, Bulldog are proud to have called Much Wenlock home and it is here that you will find the head office of Bulldog Security Products. Our manufacturing facility sits on the edge of the historic town, just a stones throw from Wenlock Edge and surrounded by rolling hills and breathtaking scenery.

If you plan to use our FREE installation service why not make short break out of your visit and discover the full beauty of Much Wenlock and surrounding Shropshire.

Free installation is provided on all trackers that require a two wire, 12v +ve and -ve  supply, from your vehicle or caravan. More complex installation requirements such as fuel pump or starter motor cut off integration may be charged. Any such charge will be agreed before any work is undertaken. Call us on 01952 728171 to discuss your requirements. Free installation is available to personal customers only, limited to one tracker per customer and at the sole discretion of Bulldog Security Products Limited.

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If you have any questions regarding our tracking products, solutions or how we can help you with your tracking needs, simply get in touch and we'll give you the answers.

Call us: 01952 728171

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