our TR36, packed full of features

The Bulldog TR36 GPS Tracker is a hard wired fully featured GPS tracker with full battery back up, external GPS antenna for even greater monitoring accuracy as well as the ability to be expanded to include remote engine cut off and starting of engine by authorised users only.

You can be PRO-ACTIVELY alerted via mobile app push notification or email if your property moves.

The Bulldog TR36 GPS Tracker is an IP67 rated tracker meaning it can be used in some of the most demanding environments. As with all Bulldog trackers, we ensure that it is simple to use and simple to fit.

The TR36 can be used to alert you via push notification from our TR03 tracking platform which offers the ability to track and report using a range of variables such as geofencing, speed, driver, travel time, mileage and many more.

As a tracker the TR36 is an exceptional choice and a simple connection to the vehicles' 12 - 24V power supply will have you up and running in a matter of minutes. With an external GPS antenna and IP67 weather proofing, the TR36 can be hidden virtually anywhere on the vehicle and you can be sure of a great GPS location fix.

The TR36 has a range of other features to allow for expanding the tracker to monitor and report on a range of other events using our add on accessories. For example you can monitor fuel tank levels or only allow authorised people to start the engine. All these are possible due to the highly advanced functionality of the TR36 and are a cost effective addition whilst providing even great peace of mind.

Unlike almost every other tracker where you need to buy additional wire's, SIM cards, gizmo's or gadgets to get up and running, the Bulldog TR36 has been designed with you in mind and includes everything needed to be tracking in no time. Adding additional accessories is simple and can be added at time of installation or at a later date where we'll help you with setting up any of the listed accessories.


metres, GPS accuracy


mAh battery built in


water resistant




GPS antenna - internal and external


digital inputs


digital input



80 x 60 x 23mm

perfectly formed and compact design

Expert view

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Wow, Wow, Wow
“The TR36 is a real workhorse when it comes to trackers and is a great aid for ensuring health and safety allowing you to monitor drive times, ensures only authorised personnel can use a vehicle, monitoring fuel levels... the list in endless".
Ideal for tracking....
“Tracking of cars, lorries, caravans, motor homes. Using the iButton to allow authorised use of fork lift trucks, cherry pickers, scissor lifts and any machinery that requires authentication of personnel before use. The unique combination of iButton functionality, digital outputs and monitoring has seen the TR36 used as a comprehensive access control system... interested ? Get in touch