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With over 35 years experience as a global leader in security manufacturing, Bulldog Trackers offers a range of professional satellite tracking systems to meet all your needs designed to protect your vehicles, property home and family. 

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Welcome to your professional Satellite tracking system

The thought has always been that to get a quality, high end satellite tracking system with extensive functionality is expensive, complicated to set up and has to be installed by a professional..... we turn this thinking on its head.

Bulldog Tracking offer a range of professional, feature rich trackers available for a wide range of applications. From tracking cars to caravans, trailers to trucks, people to pets or anything in between, we have a tracking solution to suit.

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One tracking system to rule them all

Full control at your fingertips and always in touch with your trackers.

Our range of Bulldog Trackers are, we believe, the highest featured, best value, trackers. Delivered direct to you, fully configured and set up just the way you want it. No complicated programming, just a great value tracking solution with app or web based access.

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Our tracker range

Pick the tracker that meets your needs and you we provide clear, transparent pricing.

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Bulldog TR35 Tracker

TR55: £235.00

Our 4G, wordwide universal modular tracker

Built in solar panels

Standalone or hardwire

Bulldog TR36 Tracker

TR36: £275.59

iButton included to authorise vehicle use

Easily concealed

Easy 2 wire connection to car

Bulldog TR99 Tracker

TR99: £280.00

Waterproof and rugged

Built in phone, SOS and man down alerts

Long battery life

Bulldog TR20 Tracker

TR20: £166.39

Universal and portable

Built in phone, SOS and man down alerts

Small and light

Bulldog TR68 Tracker

TR68: £206.95

Quick deployment

Built in SOS button and listen in function

Plug & Play via OBD Socket

Bulldog TR21 Tracker

TR21: £349.44

Tracker with built in smart lock - with remote locking via app

Rugged and waterproof design

Long battery life

View our full range of trackers and apps

7 trackers to choose from

If you need it tracking, we have a solution....

From tractors to trailers, from containers to cars, from jet ski's to jeeps.... if you need it tracking we have a solution.

From Eastbourne to Estonia, from Inverness to India, from Chester to China.... no matter where in the world you need tracking, we have a solution.

Regardless of whether you need a quick deployment tracker, personnel tracker or hard wired solution, our range of trackers seamlessly incorporate not just tracking but saftey and security features.

always connected

Your ability to track, is in the palm of your hand.

Our smartphone app for both iOS and Android, gives you full acces and management of your tracker whenever you need it. View your tracker location on our detailed Google maps including satellite images, review a past journey or generate reports... all from with our app. 

the potential hidden costs with MANY TRACKER COMPANIES


Many tracking providers will have a website with a low price, however this only includes very limited features and functionality and doesn't allow you to get the most out of your tracker. Add more featurrs and watch the price spiral upwards.

Service / Rental Contracts

You own the tracker outright and there is no rental or ongoing commitments. We offer a comprehensive tracking service including all roaming data charges (for the tracker to connect to the mobile network) for a simple fee of just £9.60 per month, or less if your pay in advance.  All in, no ifs, buts or maybes.

Lock Down

We  don't lock down or lock you out of your tracker, after all you paid for it, so it's yours. Many tracker providers may sell a tracker but then could prevent you from using the tracker with another service or could charge a release fee.  Want to use your tracker with another provider and this may cost £50 - £75.

Worldwide Roaming

As the saying goes the 'World is your Oyster' and we don't believe you shoud have to pay extra to use your tracker overseas. We can offer trackers with worldwide roaming sims meaning you can take your tracker to over 60 countries and use hundreds of mobile networks at no extra cost. Many providers charge for 'Premium' plans to use the tracker in Europe or Worldwide, not Bulldog.  

we do things differently.....

At Bulldog we don't believe that security should be complicated or expensive and have spent over 35 years developing high security products and services available to all without the need for professional installation. All our hard wired trackers can be installed with just 2 power wires, whilst others need simply plugging in or attaching on with magnets. For more complex installations we can provide assistance on best wiring practice.

When you buy a Bulldog Secure Tracker, you own the tracker with no leases or rentals. We don't charge you extra to set up the tracker, adding users to your accounts or access any features or reporting. It's your tracker and we are here to help you get the most out of it.

The only annual charge you pay is a small fee to connect the tracker to the mobile phone network using a secure 24/7 always on data connection. This connection allows you to monitor and control your tracker via your smartphone or website and costs just £9.60 per month or pay annually up front and save money. We provide you with smartphone and web based access to your system and full support. Find out more.  

Over 35 years experience

At Bulldog Secure we draw upon over 35 years experience in security manufacturing and design to provide you a range of trackers linked to to our tracking platform, allowing you to track online or via our app. We are serious about security and have become one of the leading global names in high security solutions selling our products in over 25 countries worldwide

Owning your own professional grade tracking system is now a reality.....

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Unlike many providers who sell trackers, Bulldog Secure believe in supporting you at every stage to ensure we supply and support you with the best possible tracking system to protect your vehicles, property and family.

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Our long held passion for designing and delivering the best in security means that we control every aspect of your tracking solution from design, configuration, supply, network connections and ongoing support. 

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No matter how many trackers you own from 1 to 1000, you can view all trackers through one log in either via app or our online web based tracking portal and as your requirements grow, new trackers can be easily added to your account.

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Our TR36 tracker offers driver logging meaning you can identify who has started a vehicle, whilst our TR21 tracker logs who has unlocked the specially designed locking cable to gain access into a container.

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Your tracker has been optimised to work with our online tracking service and there's no having to worry about configuration, finding a mobile network provider or complicated programming to get it online.

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We do all the hard work for you, so there's no need to spend hours reading a 30 page instruction manual. Simply register your new tracker and we'll take care of everything and you'll you online and tracking in no time.

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