a tracker is not just for cars

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Ask someone on the street about trackers and the most likely answer is they are used to track your cars. Tracking vehicles is just part of the market that Bulldog cover, and tracking 'lonely situations' is an important part of our business as it helps protect those that are most important to us... our family and friends.

Our TR20 and TR99 trackers are used in a wide range of 'lonely situations' to allow to actively monitoring, comply with lone worker legisltaion and provide peace of mind.:

● Care workers out and about in a rural location or late at night in a potentially dangerous environment.
● Farmers
● People living alone
● Someone suffering from mental health issues, dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, or other medical condition which could make them vulnerable if they go missing
● Hiking
● Skiing 
● Mountain biking
● Wind surfing.
● Cycling.
● Sailing.
Both trackers incorporate an SOS button that allow for an emergency message to be sent including exact GPS location data. For added peace of mind, the trackers act as a phone and make and receive calls. As all Bulldog Trackers include a multi-network sim card, you don't have to worry about network coverage as the tracker will search out the best mobile network to keep you connected. 

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In Summary.....

Bulldog Trackers are used in hundreds of siutations, not just for tracking but for monitoring, supporting and providing a vital life line for the elderly and lone workers.